Benefits You Can Gain:

  • Three types of signals for premium plan 
  • T.Analysis and market expectations 
  • Unlimited signals according to market conditions
  • Filtration through different types of analyzes 
  • Signal success rate 85%
  • Favorable risk reward ratio 
  • High risk management strategy 
  • easy to use
  • Online technical Support 24 our
  • Free trial - limited services 
  • Signals


    Through app you will receive different types of signals that suit all market conditions and fluctuations For daily and weekly trading .

  • Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    A robust mobile application, which is easy to use and keeps you updated via notifications giving you peace of mind.

  • Multi-Level Filtration

    Multi-Level Filtration

    Working through a smart search system all signals based on advanced tools, which consider every factor present in the marke with risk management tools

  •  Performance Reports

    Performance Reports

    We provide Signal performance reports according to the signals published in the Gold Signals application for your information .

  • Online Support

    Online Support

    Gold Signals admin team will be available 24 our to assist and help you through chat and email. Pls visit contact page regarding technical support only .

  • 100% Transparency

    100% Transparency

    No hidden interest, we are neither a broker nor a market maker. No any relationship with broker companies